Professional 3D Laser Scanning or “Damn, I need to hit the gym”

Lately, I’ve taken my budding 3D skills and have expanded it to include 3D Scanning and Motion Capture. Not necessarily for professional endeavors but more as an aide to quench my “Fine Arts” thirst. I know some of you would never think of “3D Character art” as “Fine Art” per se but I would be inclined to disagree. There are facets involved in character creation such as sculpting, painting, composition, rhythm and story, but more on that at a later date. I digress….

Recently, a friend and fellow artist Shane Bush from SHUSH Arts saw some of my 3D Scanning Tests and “Sketches” and express his delight in my work. He also informed me that he “has some friends who do 3D scanning”. This was news to me because he had never mentioned it to me but then again, why would he just randomly grace me with that information. Anyway, after expressing how desperately I needed to speak with his friends about getting my fat ass scanned, he was kind enough put me in touch with some of his friends over at

I contacted the guys over at and they responded back to me promptly. I spoke with Aramais and he answered all of my questions and I set up an appointment with he and his partner Robert. They bot agreed to meet me at my house and scan me right there in my own living room. WOW, how is that for service?! They showed up at noon on a Saturday and we instantly hit it off. They were very professional and were kind enough to answer all of my very technical and geeky questions. We discussed the difference between photogrammetry and hand held laser, of course they tend to lean towards the hand held laser and with lots of good reasons which will be covered in a different post.

Robert and Aramais took their time scanning me and were very professional considering it was ME that wanted to be scanned in my skivvies. I asked them if it was ok to do so and they both just laughed assured me it was more than alright. This wasn’t their first rodeo and they shot back with they done and seen “worse”.

Barring a few technical difficulties the scan came out pretty very well. There was some geometry missing but I can fix that myself. The texture came out a bit dark but that was NOT their fault, the lighting my apartment was less than desirable, so that gets a pass. There are also apparent “stitch” seams from where they had to put the seperate scan parts together and “stitch” it all together. I didn’t know what to expect, I thought that there may have been some real up close details like pores but that was not in the cards. I will do a more technical and in depth review soon. In fact, I am going to get scanned with a DSLR Photogrammetry rig very soon, so I may just do a side by side comparison….later.

Hell, I figure if I’m gonna spend the money I may as well get the most out of it. And by that I mean if I am going to have a 1:1 model of myself I may as well use it for something other than animation. So, I figured I would use the 1:1 model of myself as a template to design armor in 3D to print out on my printers. Like this gauntlet that I sketched out in Fusion 360. Hey, who know…if this works out, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that there just MIGHT be some Boba Fett armor or an Iron Man suit in my future!

Anyway, a big THANK YOU to the guys over at and to Shane over at SHUSH Arts for hooking me up with his them. Let’s see what the future brings!
P.S. WILL YOU PLEASE STOP LOOKING AT MY UNIT, it’s making me uncomfortable. What…it was cold.


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