Mocap Data on low poly model

1This is the first attempt at adding the .BVH mocap data to a low poly model. There is no clean up on keyframes at all, this is pretty much considered “raw” motion capture data. The next test is to add the .BVH and retarget the mocap data onto a model that is has a pre-existing rig. There are some weighting issues on the model, you can see some of the polys poking out here and there but that is not what this test was for. The test was to see how the mocap data would look on a proper model.

Mocap Suit: Perception Neuron
Mocap Software: Axis Neuron
3D Software: Maxon Cinema 4D
Rendering Software: Otoy Octane v2.1
Music: “High Roller” by The Crystal Method




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