Star Wars Caricature : Bossk

1I realized that I haven’t posted on my lil art blog in some time now, one tends to get busy with work and personal projects. And while I’d really like to sound cool and use “work and personal projects” and “It takes time doing this blog stuff” as the reason for not posting, the reality is that I just became lazy. Fat and lazy. I plan to change that right now, both the fat and the lazy part. Soooo, here is me not being lazy…the fat part is gonna take some time. Lame.

CHARACTER: CLEARLY by now you’ve gathered that I’m a huge Geek and that I love Star Wars. If you haven’t, then you don’t know me at all. SO it should come as no surprise to you when you see this next project. This is the third character in the “Star War Caricature Series”  and is probably one of the coolest looking Bounty Hunters in the Star Wars Galaxy second ONLY to Boba Fett. I present to you the Trandoshan Bounty Hunter, Bossk.

As Per “The Star Wars Databanks” : “One of the most feared bounty hunters of the galaxy, Bossk used his natural Trandoshan hunting instincts to capture his prey. During the Clone Wars, the red-eyed reptilian partnered with Aurra Sing, Castas and young Boba Fett. Bossk didn’t care much for vendettas or politics. He was in it to get paid. After a brief stint in a Republic prison, Bossk continued his partnership with Fett, becoming a bodyguard to the teen bounty hunter. Decades later, Bossk answered Darth Vader’s call to capture the Millennium Falcon after the Battle of Hoth, an assignment that put him in direct competition with Boba.”

If you want to see the images in full size click on the thumbnail and then click on  “view full size”

I want to finish this sculpt to to later animate and since I have just found the Zbrush file I may finish this guy very soon…ish. The ONLY problem with the file I found is that it is an older file, it is one that was saved out before the nails and textures were done.

Oh, well, it is something to look forward to.  But who knows, I’m pretty busy at work and I have signed up for the  “Character Creation for Video Games” over at Mold3D, so it may be a lot to do. Perhaps  after the course I can dedicate an hour every other night and I can take what I learn in that class and apply it to Bossk and finish him out by the end of the year? Who knows. It’s always good to have goals right?

I suppose it all comes down to the words of the wise Master Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

Model: ZBrush
Graphics: Photoshop CC 2015

I really would like to have Bossk done. I mean sculpted, rigged, animated and rendered out in Octane. I would love to do it for me but I would also like it done so I can bring a skill set back to the guys over at Toy Robot. Even though we do not do “Character Animation” in our day to day work, I would love to be able to offer it to them just in case anyone ever asks us if we can it we can actually say, “Yes, yes we can do it.”

May the Force be with you and Speak Out With Your Geek Out!



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