3D Printed Deadpool Maquette

1Recently I sculpted my version of the Gentle Giant Animated Series: DeadPool. I really loved the simplicity of it and it inspired me to take a stab at sculpting it in zbrush. Check it out here. I had every intention to 3D print this bad boy on my Formlabs Form2 because… I have one and I can. But seriously, I wanted to do this so I can start getting some experience in creating artwork in pieces. It seems to work better breaking up the art in pieces. There is less likelihood of the Form 2 to fail while printing the piece. It turns out that breaking up the art creates less over hangs and less points of print failure. The problem with that is how do you put your art back together again? That’s easy, you use KEYS to line up the separate parts after post processing and reassembly! And that’s just what I did.

Deadpool Preform

I exported the finished model out of Zbrush as an .STL and brought it into Formlabs slicing software “Preform” (shown above) . There is was a simple matter of laying out the pieces and trying to figure out an orientation for the parts to lay on the print bed, figuring out how tall I wanted to print and where to place all the support struts that Preform places on the pieces.

After a minute or two of letting Preform do it’s thing, it will slice the model, create supports and it feeds all that info into the Form 2 via wi fi…pretty nifty stuff, huh? The touchscreen on the front of the printer lets me know when it’s all uploaded and ready to print. Once it is all uploaded into the printer all I have to do is hit the “PRINT” button on the front of the printer, wait a couple of hours and PRESTO….Deadpool Maquette!

Preform: To slice model and get it ready for printing.
Printing: Formlabs Form 2

I love this lil guy! Yeah, sure it needs more fine sanding. Yeah, sure it needs primer and paint all that said…I get an Art Boner being able to this print in my hand. From concept to completion I LOVE the entire process. I’ll be printing more soon, stay tuned.


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