DeadPool Zbrush Sculpt

1In my experience, I came to realize as young geek reading comics that there are different kinds of comic book readers. Some were die hard readers, some only read whatever comics their friends bought ( I came to find out later in life that these were also the people that would not buy their own cigarettes but would bum everyone else’s smoke and think nothing of it…you fucks know who you are) and then there were one’s who got into comics cuz it was trendy, like the comic fan that ONLY reads Batman…what’s up with that?

Whatever the case is, I also came to find out that there was a definite line in the sand…you either read DC Comics (bleh!) or you read Marvel Comics. There are also a few UBER GEEK comic fanatics that read both…watch out for those one.

Anyway, what 12 year old doesn’t dream of one day being a teenager and developing his or her own super power to finally be cool enough to stand out of the crowd and get noticed by Lisa Castillo which would make her want to go to the fall dance with you or  cultivate a super power to exact their revenge on some dick head jock that made your life shitty all through grade school and finally give him that ULTIMATE wedgie or better yet….have super powers to kick that jock’s ass AND get the girl!!! Ahem. NOT that it ever happened to me mind you but I did day dream of having super powers…and maybe kicking Steve’s ass…and also, possible having Lisa go to the dance with me…but that’s TOTALLY beside the point!

I wanted to be a MUTANT, plain and simple. Stan Lee tapped into the secret desire that every kid had…to be different, to stand out or in some cases blend in, to stand up for the under dog and be able to see through girls clothes or control their minds…you know, normal teen aged boy shit like that.
That’s why I picked Marvel Comics, of course Spider-man the ultimate teen hero caught my fancy, along with Capt. America, Iron Man, the Hulk and the rest of the pantheon of comic book heroes. But it was in the often misunderstood, usually hated cuz they were different, mutant X-MEN that I really found my home in comics. These rogue good guys on several occasions SAVED THE FUCKING PLANET from complete and total annihilation but were still hated by Homo Sapiens cuz they were different.  What angst ridden teen couldn’t get behind that shit?!


Anyway, something something something, X-Men, X-Men, X-Men…enter Deadpool “The Merc with the mouth”. Who doesn’t love Wade Wilson? He’s a smart ass mutant with can take crazy amounts of damage and keeps coming at you. Imagine the Energizer Bunny meets Wolverine meets…I dunno, Ryan Reynolds. <wink> …see what I did there?

Gentle Giant put out this Deadpool animated series maquette and it really inspired me to try my hand at some new techniques that I learned from the one and only Shane Olson from his 3D Character Workshop. I think it needs a little bit more work, I will get some notes from Shane and tweak it some more. Other than that, I pretty much call it done.

Next step…3D PRINT IT!

ZBrush: Sculpting, Polypainting and render
Graphic: Photoshop CC 2017

There is not enough time in a day to do everything I want to do, but I do know I would like to do more of these little “chibi” type characters to print out on my Form2 and give as gifts to some of my peeps.


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