3D Printed Warhammer 40k Purity Seal

1Recently, an old friend of mine “Whiskey Thief” whom I hadn’t seen in years, posted on Facebook: “Does anybody on here know anyone who knows anything about 3D printing?”  A mutual friend of ours saw the post and knowing that I had been tinkering with 3D printing texted me and said: “Whiskey Thief is looking for someone who knows 3D, you should call him”.  Naturally, I rang him up to see what he needed and if I could help. One post and phone call later we found ourselves making plans to hang out to talk about whatever it was he needed printed.

“Whiskey T” asked if I could make a “Purity Seal“, I didn’t know what it was so naturally I looked it up on the inter webs. I was pleased very to find out that it was a Warhammer 40K item. Now,  I have to admit…I don’t know much about Warhammer 40K other than I really like the artwork, so much so that I modeled a Valkyrie last year and never thought anything of it. W.T came over gave me a crash course in all things WarHammer 40K and told me that he needed more than a few Purity Seals made for what could potentially be a big client for us. “If we could produce about 100 Purity Seals, we might be in business!”

What is a Purity Seal you might ask? Well, as per the WH40K Lexicanum wiki page: “A Purity Seal takes the form of prayers or litanies inscribed onto paper and then affixed to the Space Marine armor with red or black wax usually then coated with protective sealants or for more permanence electrum casings…it’s a mark of a Space Marine pure faith or morality in the eyes of the Emperor and the Chapter.” 


First Purity Seal printed on the Form2 SLA 3D Printer. 55 mm wide.

Flash forward a week later after some 3D modeling in Zbrush, many hours on Youtube to learn some mold making and some raw determination, I produced my first Purity Seal. It’s no secret that I want to start taking my 3D skills and translating off of the computer monitor into something that I can hold in my hand. Cosplay and prop making may be just the avenue that I am looking for do just that.

I am very proud of this lil piece, it’s only 55 mm wide, just about the size of a Ritz Cracker but it means a lot to me. I will be detailing the process it took me to make the Purity Seal on my next post. Stay tuned!



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