3D Printed Cosplay Skull

1Recently a friend of mine who is in the cosplay community asked me if I could help create some parts for his recent project. He was in the middle of a Blizzard “Dark Elf” cosplay build when he decided he needed some embellishments for his elf’s battle axe. Knowing that I had more than one 3D printer he axed* me if I could print a couple of piece out for him, so he could stick one on each side of the axe head.  The skulls he wanted were loosely inspired by the Danzig Skull.

I sculpted the piece in Zbrush and realizing the piece would be too big to fit on the print bed (it is 14 inches wide my bed is only 8 in wide), I cut the model in parts and sliced it all up in Simplify 3D and got it ready for printing. d

Skull 1

ZBbrush Render

After all the software stuff took place, it came time to print this bad boy on my Bukobot v.8. It took a little over 2 hours to print it, once it was printed I post process it. After a little bit of sanding and many layers of flat primer it was ready for final paint!

skull 2

3D Printed Part Flat Primer


Once it was all ready to go, I shot with 3 layers of very high gloss paint to give it a very shiny and sleek look.

skull 3

3D Printed Skull Gloss Paint

All in all, I think it came out alright…and not for nothing, my friend was really happy with them! I learned so much

Preform: To slice model and get it ready for printing.
Printing: Formlabs Form 2

I love this lil guy! Yeah, sure it needs more fine sanding. Yeah, sure it needs primer and paint all that said…I get an Art Boner being able to this print in my hand. From concept to completion I LOVE the entire process. I’ll be printing more soon, stay tuned.


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