What if Danny Trejo and Tapatio had a baby?!

1So have you ever wondered what would happen if the amazing actor Danny Trejo had a baby with the equally amazing hot sauce, Tapatio? I know I have.  Ok, ok, maybe not have a baby cus that would be weird…but what it be like if Danny Trejo had his own hot sauce. What would that taste like? What might that look like? Well, I think it would taste like sweat, gun powered, rattle snake piss with just a hint of prison hootch.

I imagine it would be great on Mexican food and you would probably want to take a shot of it with some salt and a wedge of lemon before you knew you were going to get into a knife fight in Tijuana.  Anyway, imagine what it would look like no more! Feast your *ojos on the bottle below! (* ojos is the spanish word for eyes)

What would happen if Danny Trejo and Tapatio had a baby

What would happen if Danny Trejo and Tapatio had a baby

Photoshop CC 2015

EVERYONE loves Danny Trejo…cus if you don’t he’ll find you and stab you in the face. This is a meme I made for Aliencyborgs.com a couple of years back. With it’s 3,760 shares on Facebook it is, to this day the most shared pic of anything ever shared on our page, EVER.  I saw it on some random meme site with no credit to where they got it from.  I figured what the hell, I should post this meme on my OWN site because if other sites are sharing my original pieces without credit I should post it on my page…FUCK YOU MEMEDROID.com!

HAHAHA, I guess I should be flattered.


What up! Jet Olaño here, check it out…this is my “Online Art Journal”,  which is just a cool way of saying my “lame ass art blog”. All comments and critiques are welcome as long as they are constructive, any trolling will be deleted and I will punch you in your spleen through the internet.  Thanks for stopping by and thanks for shopping at your “One Stop Chop Shop!” Check out my professional portfolio at: Check out my Culture Website: AlienCyborgs.com “To have something you’ve never had you have to be willing to do something you’ve never done.” 


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