Star Wars Caricatures: Admiral Ackbar

   ACK Attack2   ACK Attack1

Star Wars Caricatures: Admiral Ackbar


So, it’s no big secret that I’m a geek, in fact thats how I identify myself. It’s also no secret that I love to do digital art and it’s ask no secret that I love me some Star Wars. My all time favorite form of digital art is working in ZBrush, it’s like my fine art. I dont have to answer to anyone when I do ZBrush, no producers or creative directors to tell me what to do…just me! For as much as I love ZBrush, I want to get better and faster at it. The only way that I know how to do that is practice, practice, practice. Practice alone will not get me where I need to go with it, I have to push myself. The one thing I NEED to do is work faster!
Having said that, I’ve opted to do all manner of Star Wars caricatures, why not… there are a ton iconic characters to choose from. I want to try doing speed sculptures but who knows, I cant seem to speed up the process. I always end up getting lost in the details and what my approach is, I suppose thats why I need to attack these next sculpts with reckless abandon.

The next character that I decided to jump onto was Admiral Gial Ackbar. With his aquatic looks, huge eyes and deep voice made him an iconic character in Return of the Jedi and in the Battle of Endor. Ackbar being a Mon Calimari his silouhette is unmistakeable, I had a fun time working on this sculpt. I thought I was done with the sculpt and the results were the 4th picture below but a friend of mine tole me that his neck looked too “scrotal”, there by earning this sculpture Admiral Sackbar! So I moved onto the final that you see here.

click to enlarge pics

Model: ZBrush
Graphics: Photoshop CC 2015

I realize that this is a low resolution sculpt and the paint job is substandard but perhaps one day I will go back to this project and do a proper paint job! For now I need to move on while the muses have descended upon me!

May the Force be with you and Speak Out With Your Geek Out!


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