Alien Cyborgs “Zygote” Step 1

…and to think it all started from one little cube

Alien Cyborgs Zygote 1

Alien Cyborgs Zygote 1 from cube to character

1STORY I felt that I needed a mascot for so I decided to take to Cinema4d and get to it. I didn’t and still don’t have a definite direction as to what the mascot should look like. All I know is that I want it to bipedal and be a cyborg from outer space…an ALIEN CYBORG if you will. I suppose I really should take the time to do a little Character Design and figure this out.

Alien Cyborgs Zygote 2

Alien Cyborgs Zygote 2…almost there

At any rate you can see the progression from cube to character. This is the base mesh that I came up with.  It needs a lil more massaging but I guess I should dig it out and blow the dust off of it and finally finalize it.

Alien Cyborgs Zygote 3

Alien Cyborgs Zygote 3…from cube to character

I went so far as to UV and half ass texture the lil bastard…hell, I event went so far as to rig him. I guess I really SHOULD just finalize it and add some animation to it and finally be done with it.

TOOLS Cinema4d r14

CLOSING THOUGHTS: There are a few things that I need to do to this guy: make sure the UVs are right, texture it and finally add some animation. Well, I guess if I go that far I might as well render out a lil movie…yeah, well we’ll see.


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