CUBE iTS – Work In Progress. The same but different.

robit header


1So, I finally got past a mental block and started to think differently. I’m still having trouble with my printer, it or I am not dialed in correctly yet. I think it is a little of both. So to save me hours of frustration I’m going to take her into the guys over at Deezmakers and have them take a look at her and tell me what I’m doing wrong. In the meantime I had to try and work with what I have…and what I have is a machine that (for the time being) cannot print an object with a hole in it. Every time I try and print the chassis of this “Cube iT” in one go, I would get nasty over hangs in the leg connector holes leaving me with leg connectors that would not be perfectly round. Now, I am fairly certain that any issues that occur are due to “User Error“.  I know I’m not dialed into the droid’s settings, who knows… maybe the print droid isn’t tuned properly either.

At any rate, I devised a plan to get the leg holes to print perfectly. I figure since the bot can print perfect circles vertically in the “Y” axis, why don’t I just split the chassis into two and print each side separately. I would also have to split off the turret ultimately gluing it back on in the end. After all I’m doing all of this to get an amazing final version of “Pistol Whip“!

Holy Chassis Batman


Addendum: I spoke the guys earlier today and it turns out the reason for the less than desirable holes left when printing the chassis all in one piece was due to ….you guessed it, USER ERROR. At any rate I will be going to Deezmakers to get my Print Droid looked over and then geek out with Metal, Diego and Spencer  over settings.

It’s good to know that even though I am progressing at a snails pace…I am still progressing. Stay tuned for more on my little toy designs and all my printing misadventures! Til next time “Make Something” and “SPEAK OUT WITH YOUR GEEK OUT!”




Design: Cinema 4D r16
Printed on: Buko Bot Vanilla v8
Material: PLA.


I love the fact that I’m getting closer and closer to the desires that I want…I cannot wait to be dialed in so I can print all the cool stuff that I want to create!



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