Beats By Dave

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CG MODEL: Beats by Dre


My brother  David is working on his M.F.A.  in  film at the Art Institute of Design in Pasadena California…why am I telling you this? Because, my brother David came to me and told me he was  going to shoot a spec commercial for one of his classes. He had desribed to me his initial idea and we worked together to smooth out all the edges.

This is just the graphics portion of the spec piece, it still has to be edited, color corrected and the sound design needs to be tightened up. Stay tuned for the finished project.


Cinema 4D r16
After Effects CC
Photoshop CC


Personally, I think this footage is a bit too saturated and I’m not crazy about the movment of the animation itself…BUT as long as the clients love it. <shrugs> No, I will be working on a better piece to slot in to the final Final Piece.



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