The Bride of Frankenstien 1

The Bride of Frankenstien

So, I finally finished my first attempt at a portrait…and let me tell you, I am not very happy with it. Don’t get my wrong, it’s a finished piece and that is a really satisfying feeling. This piece has a foreground and a background, that is a rarity for me. If you don’t believe it, look over my other postings.

I have learned so much about trying to render a high contrast “portrait”.

Here are a few of the things I learned:
– Always measure your subject matter to get the position and proportions correct.
– You can never go too light or too dark…its what gives the contrast.
– Do not over work the mid tones.


I am very excited to take what I’ve learned and apply it to the next portrait. I don’t plan on moving on to other subject just yet, I think I’m somewhat married to the idea of doing a series of the “Bride of Frankenstein” portraits. There are very few woman in the Universal Studios’ Monster world and even less with such a stunning appearance as Elsa Lanchester as the Bride. I must admit I am very taken with her features and the way the images were captured with such a high contrast. I dunno, there is something so interesting about the combination of her face shape coupled with Jack Pierce’s make up that causes me stare at her image for long periods at a time.

At any rate, stay tuned…there will be more Bride on the way. I hope the next rendering turns out a lot better.


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