My first tattoo…ugh.

my first try at tattooing

1st feature



Sooo…I’ve been fighting this for decades. I’ve always wanted to tattoo but I always kept it under my hat and never brought it up in conversation. I was once told years ago, that I should get into tattooing since I was a decent artist. <shrugs> That was before I got all “digi” with my art and I didnt have ANY direction at the time…not that I have a whole lot now.  At any rate, I didn’t want to do it for many reasons. My dear friend Relic, who is an AMAZING artist had started tatooing and a pair of old friends of mine, the Austin brothers had started tattooing too. I didnt want to come off as a poser and a wanna be…throw on top of that, I didnt think I was good enough.

Anyway, flash forward 20 years I finally… took a stab at it. I wasn’t very happy with the result, I guess I don’t know what I expected. I was nervous and shakey and didnt want to fuck up but I guess thats part of it. I know I have to learn to crawl before learning to walk and that’s just what I’m doing…crawling. At any rate, there is a lot of people who believe in me and think that I should do this. One of them is my cousin Sarah Lee Samonte, who by the way gets a shout out for giving up some skin and letting me pop my tattoo cherry. The other people are George Tavera Jr., Pete Venzor and last but not least Nikki Mendoza…man, these guys are SO GIVING and GENEROUS with not only their supplies but their knowledge and guidance.

Thanks guys!


What up! Jet Olaño here, check it out…this is my “Online Art Journal”,  which is just a cool way of saying my “lame ass art blog”. All comments and critiques are welcome as long as they are constructive, any trolling will be deleted and I will punch you in your spleen through the internet.  Thanks for stopping by and thanks for shopping at your “One Stop Chop Shop!” Check out my professional portfolio at: Check out my Culture Website: “To have something you’ve never had you have to be willing to do something you’ve never done.” 


2 thoughts on “My first tattoo…ugh.

    1. Thank you for your constructive pointers Miranda. I am getting trained by professionals…in a shop. I’m hoping the training pays off and yes, the general consensus is to put the needle in deeper. I was sort of tentitive about causing undo pain but I guess there is no way around it. The second one, I learned to feel the vibration of the needle ripple through the skin. #learningtocrawl

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