Chocolate Doughnut Devil v1

Chocolate Doughnut Devil v1

Chocolate Doughnut Devil_WIP 1

1Late at night when the world is still and I am alone doing art, sometimes I hear a faint scratching noise and catch a distant smell of chocolate doughnuts…thats when I know “he” is around. I don’t know his name and I don’t care to know it, I just wish that could wish him away. I hear tiny grumblings and the chocolate smell gets stronger and I do my best to ignore him. Here and there I think I can make out an occasional word, “doughnut“. That’s when I throw on my headphones to drown him out, it’s no good. The smell gets stronger and my stomach begins to growl…I’m tempted. How I hate him.

Choc DN Size


Strictly Zbrush 4r

This lil guys is fun, I love Zbrush.


Hey guys! Jet Olaño here, so this is my “Online Art Journal”,  which is just a cool way of saying my “lame ass art blog”. All comments and critiques are welcome as long as they are constructive, any trolling will be deleted and I will punch you in your spleen through the internet.  Thanks for stopping by and thanks for shopping at the “One Stop Chop Shop!”

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