Code Name: Pistol Whipped

ROBiTS Work In Progress


1STORY: Whats the point of having a 3d printer if youre not gonna print robots right?! Unfortunately there is no robot button on the “Print Bot”, so you have to design it first. I sat behind my Mac and fired up Cinema 4D and started to “sketch” out some designs.  I wanted it to be small, cute and have the capability for destruction! So, I came up with this little Gun Bot and gave him a code name.


Code Name: Pistol Whip
Size: h: 7.5″ w: 11″ d: 4″
– Bot is equipped with a with a Rail Gun mounted on a 360 degree swiveling turret.
– Magnetic Mega Pincers for attracting, grabbing and crushing
– Oversized Mobile Platforms for a very solid base.
– Last but not least it is equipped a large chest canon to annihilate all enemies.


TOOLS: I did not do any pencil sketches because I knew roughly what I wanted, so I jumped straight into Cinema 4D r16 to do the deed. I did low poly box modeling and kicked out an .stl file. I rendered the concept art with Nick Campbell’s Grayscale Gorilla Light Kit Pro for Global Illumination to get some decent lighting with just one touch. (plug plug) I added some Ambient Occlusion to rock the shadows and make it pop. Of course I used Photoshop to do the graphics, oddly enough I did not do any color correction…I dunno why. I guess I felt that the images were good enough as is. Thanks Nick!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 4.18.07 AM

Cinema 4D to make Robits

To slice up the .stl files is used CURA, the default slicing engine brought to us by the guys over at Ultimaker. I used the profiles for print out PLA plastic provided by the awesome guys over at Deezmakers in Pasadena.

Robits_Gunbot Cura

Parts laid out in Cura

CLOSING THOUGHTS: I saved out the G-code to print at a later date. I will print this out tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed…let’s hope the “Maker Gods” will smile upon us and let our ideas come to fruition!



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