Crash Test Zombies W.I.P

Crash Test Zombies Papercraft

STORY: So, I have this papercraft “bug” waayy up my butt right now. Lately, I’ve really been in this mood to make stuff! It started with this little mummy I made last week and now I want to design and make more. I guess papercraft is a way for me to use hi-fi software to create low poly designs and then execute the project in a very low-fi, crafty, hands on kind of way.

CrashTestZombieSOFTWARE: I used Cinema 4D to flush out the concept and create the low poly model, then I exported an .obj. I then used Pepakura to unfold the .obj to create the PaperCraft pattern…sorta like origami but in reverse.

Pepakua CrashTest ZombieTOOLS: After the pattern was created, I used Whitey’s Epson XP-200 to print out the design and her Silhouette Cameo to cut out the pattern that Pepakura created. Note: the Cameo is a pretty sophisticated pair of scissors. Using it makes me somewhat feel like I’m cheating…everyone should have a “Scissor droid”!silhouettemainimage1

Here and there I use a razor to do small clean ups and a glue stick to put it all together. I needed an Xacto knife but Whitey only had a utility blade…I’m not complaining , after all beggars can’t be chooser.

Another Note: at the end of this project, I think I would have prefer to use old fashioned Elmer’s glue for it’s ability to put glue in precise location. Glue sticks are good for wide areas but I like the control the glue tip provides. So there! In yo face glue stick!

CLOSING THOUGHTS: I’m really digging papercraft and not for nothing either…I get to design some fun stuff and then with a pair of scissors and some glue, I’m able to hold my designs in my hands. How cool is that?! It’s tangible and that has been a real important thing for me as of late. I love having the ability to hold my designs in my hand versus looking at them on the monitor or phone screen. It’s becoming more and more important to me to have tangible art pieces. I dunno…maybe Whitey, Ursula and Heidi are finally rubbing off on me. meh! <shrugs>


What up! Jet Olaño here, check it out…this is my “Online Art Journal”,  which is just a cool way of saying my “lame ass art blog”. All comments and critiques are welcome as long as they are constructive, any trolling will be deleted and I will punch you in your spleen through the internet.  Thanks for stopping by and thanks for shopping at your “One Stop Chop Shop!”

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