Art Deco Jewelery Prototype

Art Deco Inspired

Necklace 1a

 I recently collaborated with Alabama born, Los Angeles based jewelery designer Diana Becker on a new idea for an art deco inspired piece.

Her designs are inspired by art from all over the world and from various art moments through out history.

I was approached to see what types of prototypes we can could come up with. While sitting in her studio she quickly whipped up an idea, with pencil and pad in hand she said, “Can it make this?”

Initial Design

The challenge was accepted.

Roughly only 3 inches tall, we printed to different prototypes in two different qualities. The first one pictured on the left was a rough draft and the second piece on the right was a better setting but still not as fine as it could be.
Necklace 1

Top view

We spent the day coming up with ideas and printing different items, the Winged Victory of Samothrace was also a project we worked on that day. I’m sure she will have more ideas in the future to keep us busy. Stay tuned!

Final Piece
Neck Prototype


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