TV TALK: The Walking Dead Season 4 final episode



STORY: Ok sooo…it’s season 4 finale of AMC The Walking Dead and Darryl and Beth Greene are goofing around trying to forget about life for awhile. They having a good time drinking moonshine and dancing…maybe too good of a time. It sure looked like they might get a lil too friendly, a lil too close for comfort. Then you remember that she is a teenager and no matter how redneck you are it’s still against the law to drink and cavort with minors. Hmm…I guess at the end of the world, do those laws still apply? I dunno…still kinda red neck if ya ask me.

Anyway, of these shenanigans happens before  Beth gets kidnapped and everything goes to shit again.

TOOLS: Cinema 4D r15 Adobe Photoshop CS6

The Walking Dead Meme s.4 ender

The Walking Dead ComicCon Season 5 Trailer

CLOSING THOUGHTS:  Darryl is too much of a good guy to cross that line…but he still IS a redneck. Just saying. Besides, latest internet buzz suggest that the Darryl character MIGHT just be gay. I know…whatever, right? But it’s still a story.  Read about here!


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