SMEAT – A Zbrush Study

SMEAT, Real food for real Sheeple

1STORY: This is pure art for art’s sake. I was doing a bit of R&D on Zbrush a few years back to see what it’s capabilities were to make “2D Art”. The brush system and colors are pretty dope. Everything was done in Zbrush except for the text. I like how I was able to paint in the yellow fatty tissue and the veins and blood vessels just by turning off “Z add” and painting just with pure color. The fact that the program adds in all the specular lighting and shadow is pretty cool as well.

Anway, I didn’t set out to make visera, tissue, muscle and bone…it just sorta happened that way. I made one brush stroke and it looked kinda cool and gross at the same time so I went with it.

The “Smeat, it’s whats for dinner” tagline is a play on the 1992 american advertising slogan put out by the *National Livestock and Meat Board through a promotional arm, “The Beef Council” (sounds like a gym on Venice Beach) by the advertising firm of Leo Burnett Company the week of May 18, 1992. Anyway, the long and short of it is I just wanted to spoof thier tagline, which was pretty successful cus I remembered it after all those years.
I almost tagged it: “Real Food for Real Sheeple

[ editor’s note: by editor, I mean me…speaking of Leo Burnett, I would later work with ELS and Leo Burnett to create the GIANT Cuckoo Clock that Kelloggs used in a 24 hr. live promotional campaign at Hollwood and Highland a few years back. Small world, huh? ]

TOOLS:  Pixellogic Zbrush 3 and Adobe Photoshop

Smeat Dinner

CLOSING THOUGHTS:  Just for the record Zbrush is my all time favorite art program because of how easy it is to create art in the most “traditional” of ways. In a perfect world, if I didnt have to worry about anything…it’s all I would do. Well, except for surfing, 3D printing and video projects with my friends.

Oh, and eating Jalepeno Cheetos! I can’t forget Jalepeno Cheetos! =P

* this info is from wiki


What up! Jet Olaño here, check it out…this is my “Online Art Journal”,  which is just a cool way of saying my “lame ass art blog”. Anyway, this is not meant to show off my professional work, advertise or sway anyone’s mind. This is merely “…a place for my thoughts that come and go like the wind.” (That was an in joke) If there is anything on this page that strikes your fancy or if I’ve struck a nerve or if I’ve misspelled anything (which I’m prone to do because I usually work on this thing very late at night…I am also prone to parentheticals but I can cus it’s my damn blog! Er, I mean “Online Art Journal”) please leave a comment. All comments and critiques are welcome as long as they are constructive, any trolling will be deleted and punch you in your spleen through the internet.  Thanks for stopping by and thanks for shopping at your “One Stop Chop Shop!”

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