3D Printed Cosplay Armor – Iron Man Hand

“So I gave him the finger!”

1Story:  Recently, we got a Bukobot 3D printer from the guys over at Deezmakers in Pasadena Ca.  Douglas B. aka “~DB~” from AlienCyborgs.com challenged me to print out a middle finger…so I did. It just happens to be the middle finger from Iron Man MKIII suit.

It’s no great secret that I want to create 3D printed cosplay armor and I figured this is where I start off. Not only did I print the objects I experimented with the “post process” to smooth out the object and get it ready for painting. I learned a whole bunch of stuff today, I hope to learn so much more in the near future. Cosplay…watch out!

Irong Finger

Here is a closer look at the printed armor finger! 10462772_10152614628738628_5390409203093440632_n
Can you hear me now?

Closing thoughts:  I am still in the R&D phase of the whole cosplay armor trip…I hope to post some really good progress. I plan to print out the palm and all the fingers of this model and maybe even rig it up with a light and power supply.

For now these are downloaded .STL files from Thingiverse.com, soon enough I will printing out original art. In the time being I just want to do all the R&D that I can to get the best results I can. Stay tuned.



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