Captain Davey Jones, 3D Character – Zbrush Test

1Story: So, back in 2006 or so I took a “Zbrush” class given by the one and only Nick Marks. The class focused on the Creature Creation using 3D Max and Zbrush. The best part of the class, besides actually learning Zbrush was  a little something that Nick called “Fight Club“. Fight Club was Nicks way of pitting one student against another with the CLASS picking the weekly winner. TWO ENTER, ONE LEAVES! SO cool.
One week, I submitted the infamous Davy Jones, Captain the “Black Pearl” from the Disney franchise of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” This however is not the final submission, it is just one of the many iterations.

Davy Jones Pirates of the Carrbbeans wip1

Above: Early iteration and materials test. Below: Material test W.I.P

Davey Jonesclick to enlarge

Tools: 3D Max, Zbrush and Photoshop 4

Closing thoughts: I cannot find the other pics, there is so much more to this pic. There are other iterations and other renders that I need to find and post. Here is  the final project that I turned in.

Davy Jones Pirates of the Caribbeans CLICK TO ENLARGE


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