Character Design and Story Dev. – “Q and the 6 ft. Rabbit”

1Story: In 2005 or so I took a “Character and Story Development” class given by Steve Rogers, a wonderful instructor who really made you think about your projects through and though. Who, what why was your character? What is the psychological arc of your characters. What do they sound like, how do they talk? He made you get out of your shell and speak in funny voices, because who would know better than yourself would know how your characters sounded? Where do they live? Who was your demography? cont.

Q BG Sidealk QnR  copy     Q BG Sidealk ALPHA  CU  copy
Click to enlarge pics

He know art styles too, so you better know what you want your animated show would look like. What it Looney Tunes? Did it look like Invader Zimm? Who did you want this show to go to? Film Roman, Klasky Csupo, Disney, Nickelodeon? What is traditional 2D or CG 3D?

In any case I developed “Q and the 6 ft Rabbit” I have a whole binder somewhere with back grounds and character turn arounds. If good fortune smiles on my I will be able to dig those up and place some more pics and the entire story of “Q & Rabbit”. Til then enjoy some of these old digital copies that I was able to dig up.

Tools: Pencil and Paper, Photoshop 4

Closing thoughts: This is the part of the process that I like the most…the IDEA part. I like coming up with ideas and how they should look. How the characters act and sound, the stories that drive and the gags the round it out. I’m not the best illustrator in the world and my characters are still a bit stiff but not for nothing…it at least gets the idea across! This is one idea that I would LOVE to see get maid.



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