Steam Soldier Character for Boilerplate Video Game

Steam Punk? What’s that?


Story: In 2006 I joined “Game Wizards” while attending The Art Institute L.A. in Santa Monica. Game Wizards was the resident video game production team. I opted for  Game Wizards over the animation production team “Red Giant”.  Even though my major was animation, I join Game Wizards because I wanted to get a taste of the “Video Game Industry”. I thought that I could get to do some character modeling for a game…which I did.

Tools: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Unreal Tournament 3 Engine (and I wanna say Zbrush)
Closing thoughts: I really loved doing this project. I was pretty cool being part of the whole process and to see the finished product and play the game. The guys who did all the real heavy lifting on this game are crazy talented, I was really lucky to have worked with such an amazing set of artists. Johnny Rice, Ryan Beeno, Robin and Ryan Doa and of course Toli Carter. I wish they made 3ds Max for Macs, I might still be on it!

Front Screen Shot Back Screen Shot
lick pic to enlarge

Larry Li penciled some very cool concept art that I used for reference. He managed to capture all the main points of “Steam Punk” but didn’t go over the top with mustaches, monocles and top hats.Soldier front copy Soldier 2 back

click pic to enlarge

This was the first character that I had ever done, besides of course the one we all do in “Intro To 3D Modeling” I managed to pull off the character and loved seeing it running around in the game engine. Check the video below.

Boiler Plate_Soilder WIP Front Boiler Plate_Soilder WIP 3 qtr Boiler Plate_Soilder WIP side Boiler Plate_Soilder WIP back
click pic to enlarge

Boiler Plate Steam Soldier


 Download the Mod here


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