Recreate an ancient roman bathhouse in 3D

– Caesar in “History of the world”


Story: This was another college assignment for an “Advanced 3D and Lighting” class, somewhere around 2007. The assignment was to recreate an ancient building from real life and texture the model using pictures that we took or found online as reference. We also had to try to match the natural lighting of the setting and composite the final render using some “real life” elements to recreate the final scene. I ended up choosing a roman bath house because for 3 reasons

1) It was very simple in architecture
2) The lighting was interesting with highlights and deep shadows
3) Last but not least…I love ancient times.

Click to enlarge

  The workflow image below shows how I went from the original picture, to the finished model (Ambient Occlusion Pass), to the “texture pass” and lastly, creating the “Final Composite” adding the surrounding building from the real location. The bath house were created in 3ds Max and rendered in Mental Ray. The Final Composite was done using Photoshop 4. I wish I had a higher resolution photo and looking back at it now, I should have color corrected it better. Oh, well.

Bath House Work Flow
Click to enlarge

Tools: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop 4 and Mental Ray

Closing thoughts: I really love 3D…I wish they made 3ds Max for Macs, I might still be on it!


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