First print on the Bukobot

I’ve always wanted a droid…now I have a BukoBot!

1So, with much frustration and a lot of learning (although I have a strange feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg for both), I finally printed my first object. It is not an original piece and it isn’t all that fantastic but I’m ok with that. I got this piece off of  the  Thingiverse website, as a lot of people often do when printing their first item. I specifically chose this item because of what it means to me.

Lego Final

Say hello to Ripley, she is first “Basic Building Block” that we have printed.

I chose to print the “Building Block of Making”…a Lego piece. I figure that it would be fitting to print a Lego because in my pea brain, Legos are the molecules of  making. We all started making our first “toys” out of  two things: imagination and Legos. I wanted to start off there, with something small and meaningful to me. Nothing over the top, ambitious or grandiose… just the humble Lego. It’s meant to be a reminder along my journey to start off simple and small.  A stark contrast to my “I want it and I want it now” nature. I’m a Sagittarius after all, I crave instant gratification.

Lego quarter       Comps        Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 2.59.09 AM

Pic 1: Size Comparison.   Pic 2: Reminds me of “Alien:Resurrection”.   Pic 3: Repetier Interface

I am approaching making the same way I did surfing : “Start off small and enjoy the forward momentum”. With surfing, I really took my time, I did my researched and sought out the best teachers I could afford. I even took a few classes, which is so unlike me. Similarly, I will be seeking out 3D Printer Classes or a mentor to help me along my path. *Note to self: WHO am I? I never read the interactions before. I confess that I “lost the trail of bread crumbs while I was in the forest”, that is to say. I got lost and didn’t know where to start again so I reached out to ‘Metal” who Obi-wan’d my ass and taught me a few really insightful pointers:  R.T.F.M, do the due diligence and most importantly: “Don’t be THAT guy”

I WANT to make amazing Cosplay Armor and Gear and I want it NOW…but I’m a little bit older and wiser and know that I first have to crawl. I am willing to take my time and hone a craft, something that I haven’t been willing to do in the past, as long time friend and fellow artist Ed Martinez has pointed out. “Big Ups” to Ed, thanks for being real and calling me out.

A Hundred Humble “Thanks” go out to my man” Metal…the “Magnetic North” on my “Maker Compass” and Peter T., thanks for believing and always being there.



This is my Art Journal, this is not meant to advertise or sway anyone. This is merely “…a place for my thoughts that come and go like the wind.” If there is anything on this page that strikes your fancy or if I’ve struck a nerve, please leave a comment. All comments and critiques are welcome as long as they are constructive, any trolling will be delete and you will be struck with the “Ban Hammer.”  Thanks for stopping by.

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“If you want something you’ve never had,  you have to do something you’ve never done.”


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