Calibration of the Bukobot


1Today I went into my new favorite place on earth…well, besides the surf in Waikiki. NO, not the Bunny Ranch in Nevada…although. No, today Peter T. and I made our way to Deezmakers in Pasadena Ca., to get our new Bukobot v2 Vanilla calibrated and ready to print!


 I was really excited to go down to the hacker space to get my bot dialed in so I can start to printing out cosplay parts. I’ve had my bot for a week now and haven’t been able to do anything with it yet because I’ve been busy. So I’ve been chomping at the bit to get this thing up and going after last weeks build.

After the events that went on with last week’s build, I wanted an “All Points” check done to make sure everything was ok before plugging in the bot. It is an expensive machine after all and even though it isn’t my money, I wasn’t going to risk frying the mobo!

Anyway, I text “Metal”, my usual contact over at Deezmakers and tell him all the problems that Isaac had encountered. I went on to ask him “So…how much is it gonna cost me for some one on one time ?”

Metal replied with “Nope. Just take it in. We will take care of you and get you printing by the time you leave”



Last Weeks Build

Today I met with Diego, who is the designer of the open sourced Rep Rap 3D printer “BukoBot” and of course the “Bukito”.  I instantly recognize him from all the Youtube videos I’ve seen on Deezmakers and Bukobots so I walked right up to him and introduced myself, “Hi, I’m Jet” I said.

Diego said “OH, YOU’RE JET!” Metal, told me all about you, come on in.

I put my bot down on the large central table and started to tell him the the deatils about the build. Halfway through, without saying a word, he had looked over the bot and had it hooked up to his Mac (yup MAC, I knew I loved this place) before I even knew what he was doing. After a few minutes had passed, he had done an all points cheek  all my wires and told me what I needed to do and how…and just like Metal promised before I left we had tested the extruder nozzle and make sure that I could print! Check the video below!



Let me take a second here to talk about the staff over at Deezmakers. I have yet to meet a cooler bunch of helpful guys! (and ladies!) Everytime, I’ve gone in there they have always taken the time to answer all me geeky little questions, they have ALWAYS been so polite and accomodating. They really made me feel comfortable with their products and services.

Diana B. (my partner) really liked the idea of purchasing from Deezmakers BECAUSE of the on hands customer service and tech support that they had to offered. Lemme tell you, it’s proven invaluable already because Isaac is already printing some “surprise part” that he’s keeping close to his vest and I am all calibrated and ready to go. At one point, I thought to get a Printrbot Simple and while it has great reviews, numerous mod for a larger build space and is inexpensive for the amount of machine that you got, I would still have had to build it myself and learn along the way.  I gotta say, if I had to learn from forums and Youtube tutorials, I know that I wouldn’t be this far along.

Anyway, lets get to printing.


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