Concept Art Bot Heads


1    Here are a few bits of concept art for the Humandroids Project. F.Y.I. it is pronounced humAN-droids, emphasis on the ANDROID part, not HumanDroid or HUMandroid. It is not an Android that hums…although I suppose they could if they were programmed to. Anyway, I want to be able to print some  figures as soon as we get PrintrBot. I think that perhaps I should try something a bit more Munny…Dunny…Kid Robot type toys. Something with rounder edges like Toy Pops and Kid Robot shit. You know like those vynil stuff that they make a limited amount of  but sell for a shit ton of money?


Humandroids Heads

Here are some key points on the heads: the eyes are cameras and camera clusters. The mouths are speakers. Eventually, these Human Androids will become vessels for human consciousness and then turn in to Cyborgs…or will they? I think technically, a cyborg is a human that is augmented with “robotic” parts. So….if an android becomes a vessel for human consciousness I suppose it IS a Human Android…a HumANDROID! See what I did there?
Humandroids Heads Plans
Anyway, these cyborgs are something that I want to work on, so next up I will made a very generic body and then move onto limbs. And then finally, I will get to making hands… in different poses, and then maybe…maybe accessories. ugh, too much

Time to go to bed. I can’t wait for the printer! I’m so GEEKING OUT!

Hmm…”I wonder if androids dream of electric sheep?” (See what I did there again? If you didn’t get that. Google the quote!)



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