Tapioca Sin Gin Can Prop


1M.F. Dinan started shooting the Tapioca Sin Gin project and he needed some product placement for the shoot. I decided to print out a “label” to attach to a can and created a “prop” for the shoot. Since the can was not meant to be in any “hero shots” I figured that the label being a bit off  would work fine for the production. I was “good enough“, I sort of took a CGI approach. I was always taught that if something was not going to be scene, why create a back side. Taking that approach, if the can is not going to be seen up close the label could be a bit loose. I want to tighten up the design and reprint it to the correct size and do a proper treatment on a can. Soon. Uh-huh, right.


Med Full mauveCU TopMed Full ssMed Side
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Stills by Photog In Boxes


What up! Jet Olaño here, this is my “Art Journal”, thats just a cool way of saying my art blog. Anyway, this is not meant to show off my professional, advertise or sway anyone. This is merely “…a place for my thoughts that come and go like the wind.” If there is anything on this page that strikes your fancy or if I’ve struck a nerve, please leave a comment. All comments and critiques are welcome as long as they are constructive, any trolling will be deleted and you will be struck with the “Ban Hammer.”  Thanks for stopping by and thanks for shopping at One Stop Chop Shop!

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