Animated Peter Character W.I.P v2

Getting Closer!

1Still working out the kinks for the “Geek Speak” animation with Peter “the Swordsman” Tullio…or whatever it’s gonna be called cuz Peter hates the word “Geek”. Go fig.  I’m still trying to develop the look and feel of  the characters. I’m afraid that they might end up looking TOO much like “Grand Theft Auto” or “Archer”. See PETER CHARACTER in the Gallery Section below.


Avc    gtavc This is gonna be harder to do than I thought. I really like the style of G.T.A and if you know me at all, you know that I’m a HUGE fan “Archer” and the gang over at ISIS . So, I’m trying to develop a look that is not too similar to either property…minus the whole “Miami Vice” motif of course.


I wanted to stick to the more “painterly” feel versus a more vector feel. The Peter v.1 character but it did not test well, it seems that people thought that it was too different than the “Jet” Character W.I.P. I was told they didn’t seem to come from the same “universe”, fair enough.  You can see that “Jet” character here.

The first pic is Peter v1 and the 2nd pic is the newest version. The side by side comparison shows the further development of the Peter Character. Click on images to enlarge


Peter GTA Test  v1  Peter GTA TItle Card   Peter GTA SbyS

Notes to self: I need to fix the hair. I’m still not happy with it. The “hangy down” parts are ok…I just need to come up with a better rendering technique. Thanks why they call it a work in progress. Bullocks. Why can’t I just type a command like: //make-it-the-way-I-want-it-to-look-stupid-computer!


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