“Geek Speak” – Animation Test v1

“Do you think it’s weird that I think anime girls are hot?”

This is a little test that I did for an “Alien Cyborgs” animated project that I will be doing with a talented voice over actor Peter Tullio.

This was the first test to explore the look and feel of the characters, obviously the motion still needs to be worked on. Well, so does the art direction, the animation, the editing, the sound design…DAMN, all of it still needs to be worked on. But like they say: “The journey of a thousand miles takes forever cus I’m a procrastinator”…or something like that.

Photoshop/ After Effects/ Final Cut Pro/ Audition/ Crazy Talk 7


1014477_10152400265743628_110014062583013651_n    10015173_10152400461918628_4228359406964833702_n



Check out my professional portfolio at:
Check out my Culture Website: AlienCyborgs.com

“If you want something you’ve never had,  you have to do something you’ve never done.”



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