Tapioca Sin Gin – Story Board

Tapioca Sin Gin, what now?

1This is a continuation of  Tapioca Sin Gin  project explained here.

So, while M.F. Dinan if going off the deep end with his ideas for shot of the Tapioca Sin Gin project, I’m thinking about the “Tapioca Sin Gin commercial” and how simple can I keep it. Dinan and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum on this project, he is thinking about magic fire balls, time travel and  kung-fu choreography. Conversely, I’m thinking “What is the least amount of  shots can I get away with.” I’m doing something a little different on this project, I will be designing and rendering the product can digitally, running fluid simulations and shooting live action footage with a spokes model. It is a lot for me to do and I decide to attack it the project in a totally different way than I’m used to working, I am going to storyboard the project and think of the “finish product” way ahead of time in the pre production. In essence I will be doing all the video editing on paper before I even sit behind the Mac and firing up Final Cut Pro.

SPELL BLOCK TEST: click here to see!



TSG Asian Cocktail Story Board 1  TSG Asian Cocktail Story Board 2

Can Design 




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