Ghost Rider R&D v1 – ZBRUSH

I can still remember picking up my first Ghost Rider Mag off of the comic book rack at a liquor store my dad used to work at night when I was a kid. I was really too young to get the story…and I didn’t really care. All I knew in my gut was “THIS GUY IS COOL!” The thing that I come to realize about “Ol’ Skull Head” is that much like another Anti-Hero with emblazoned with a skull, the Punisher…they are better looking graphically than they are characters. After about 15 minutes, they fall kinda flat. IMHO. Still, I love the way this guy looks, ummm, minus the Nick Cage part.

I knew I was in trouble by the 3rd session…I knew that it would have been better to work with a better base mesh. SO…I dropped it and started over!

Zbrush/ Photoshop

GRv1_1 GRv1_2 GRv1_3 GRv1_4



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