Poly Heavy, still learning! 2nd try at Cinema 4d

Cinema 4D Test # 02 – Global Illumination. Starting over learning a new software package. Getting the Lighting and texturing basics down. ugh! ~ as posted on FB36246_10150113244843628_2537448_n

Nothing more to say other than what the headline above reads. I was really interested in C4D’s ability to render out some really amazing graphics using Global Illumination, so I tried my hand at it. Learning new software at this point in the game really isn’t all that bad, you know that all 3D programs are the same and do the same things…you just kinda gotta know where the buttons are and what the developers call them. Still for the second time using C4d and just getting back in to the 3D game…not too shabby.

I REALLY dig C4D and wish I learned it years before.

Cinema 4D Photoshop


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