POLY HEAVY – Cinema 4D 1st time

Hello C4D, my name is Jet…I think I like YOU, a lot!
( …and so it begins ) ~posted in Facebook

2001 was the first time I picked up 3D at DNA STUDIO where I was the in house editor, I tried to learn Autodesk Maya but it didn’t stick at all. Later that same year I tried Cinema 4d (v4?)but thought it felt like a toy. *Side Note – At the time I remember the program could render caustics well…whatever that meant.

A few years later, in college I started using Discreet’s 3DS MAX (which I loved) and would have stayed using 3DS Max but as a class we  moved on to Autodesk Maya. I later jumped to Apple computers to do the bulk of my work in Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Apple Shake, which meant that if I wanted to do 3D I would have to use Maya. I knew Maya was a great program but there was always something that I didn’t jive with, probably because I loved 3D Max so much.

What you see here is the first time I used C4D.

What you see here is the first time I used C4D.

Anyway, flash forward to my time at NFL NETWORK, all the amazing artists there were using C4D and I thought “I had better learn this”…but at the time I had fallen madly in love with Zbrush. Anyway to make a long story short, I felt that I needed to start doing more 3D and said “Fuck it, this is what all the cool kids are using…I’m gonna use it too”. What you see here is the first time I used C4D. It would take another 3 years (almost to the day) that I started to use C4D regularly…and frankly, I don’t know why I waited so long.

I REALLY dig C4D and wish I learned it years before.

Cinema 4D Photoshop


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